You don't wanna see my beautiful dark twisted mind in broad daylight.
See you in my wildest dreams.
Chrish is the name
3 Stars and a sun.
Bookish. Wanderlust.
A hideous centaur today
A gorgeous warrior tomorrow.
A sick to the head hopeless romantic in love with LOVE
This too shall pass.
Events by profession, sarcasm by passion
Full time fitness enthusiast
part time writer, blogger, and listener
My Ask box is waiting for you.
Waiting for my Christian Grey, by the way.
Laters, baby.
2nd and 4th. #DriftAway #diaryofaworkinggirl #SecretsoftheDawn #Lost #Break #Breather

2nd and 4th. #DriftAway #diaryofaworkinggirl #SecretsoftheDawn #Lost #Break #Breather


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